Metcalfe Vineyard

Metcalfe Vineyard

The Metcalfe Valley estate has three vineyard blocks within an overall area of 70 acres

The Metcalfe Valley vineyard is located at 37° 07′ S 144° 35′ E, with elevations between 430m and 460m. It is approximately 15 minutes drive north of Kyneton, in Central Victoria, and approximately 105 kilometres north-west of Melbourne.

Our elevation results in true cool-climate conditions for grape growing: our Syrah vintage typically occurs in mid- to late-April. We are sited at the point on the Malmsbury-Metcalfe Road where the Malmsbury plain breaks and descends in a series of spurs into the village of Metcalfe, giving significant elevation and aspect variation even within each of our vineyard blocks.

The Metcalfe Valley estate has three vineyard blocks within an overall area of 70 acres:

  • Reserve Block, 4 acres, 20 year old vines, 96% Syrah, 4% Viognier, 2500 widely spaced vines with north/south row orientation, and largely granitic soils
  • Parisien Block, 10 acres, 20 year old vines, 100% Syrah, 8000 widely spaced vines with northeast/southwest row orientation, and largely basaltic soils
  • White Block, 4 acres, 10 year old vines, 30% Roussanne, 25% Marsanne, 20% Viognier, 25% Sauvignon Blanc, 4000 closely spaced vines with east/west row orientation, and largely basaltic soils.

The overall area of the estate provides adequate water catchment for storage in three dams for regulated deficit irrigation for a full growing season.

From time to time Metcalfe Valley also has the opportunity of making a Syrah Parisien single-vineyard variant from the fruit of our next door neighbour Willow Run vineyard.

Metcalfe Valley is 100% hand cane-pruned. The vineyard is naturally low-vigour, but yields are further managed to a maximum of 1 tonne per acre. Trellising is VSP.

No herbicides or pesticides are used. Traditional copper and sulphur are used to the minimum extent required to protect the vines against downy and powdery mildew.

Our White Block Rhône varietals are graftings from 2012, from which we anticipate wine production for the 2016 vintage. In 2015 we shall commence a vine renewal programme in the Parisien vineyard which will feature a selection of Côte-Rôtie Syrah clones.

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